Prague sight seeing boat trips with unique atmopheere from the board of the boat Klara.

One hour trip including snack.
One hour trip without snack.

Two hours trips with full service including raut, warm/cold kitchen, fruits, desserts.

It would be an honour to us to prepare a rich wedding party or company celebration.

Taking a Prague boattrip ...

The boatstation:

Na Frantisku, Prague 1

Mapa: Loc: 50°5'33.543"N, 14°25'6.959"E




- 44 seats in the restaurant

 - 55 seats on the main board
- 16 seats in the salon


Special offer

We offer very interresting price offer.


2 h trip incl.lunch or dinner


For more information contact us:


tel:       + 420 602 210 116


The Prague river boat Klara.